Do you stand at the back of the room?

“I feel like I am invisible. No one ever asks for my feedback. I’m never asked to head projects. I’ve been here for years and have never even been considered for a promotion. It’ so frustrating.”

That was a client of mine voicing the frustration she was feeling after a meeting at her place of employment. As we talked I probed a little further. What came out was a bit shocking. She said that as everyone was gathering for the meeting she was standing in the back of the room.

What my client was struggling with was a self-sabotage: not allowing oneself to be seen. This was playing out so strongly for her that her body physically moved her to the back of the room.

This self-sabotage hits women pretty hard. One way of being able to identify if this is at play for you is to think about the last time someone complimented you. Did someone tell you you look nice today? How did you respond? By thanking them or making a comment similar to, “This shirt? I got it on sale.”
What a compliment does is puts you in the spotlight for that one moment in time. Can you receive the attention or is it uncomfortable?

Not allowing yourself to be seen can have financial consequences. Look back to the experience of my client. After years of being at the same company and never getting promoted she lost out on the extra money a promotion and raise would have brought her.

It creates financial consequences for entrepreneurs, too, because allowing yourself to be seen is called marketing. Without marketing there are no clients or customers. Without clients or customers there is no money.

For years I struggled with allowing myself to be seen and it was evident by my checking account, too. I finally got on the other side of it and now it is my mission to help other women do the same.

That’s why I have created a new Facebook group, Shine Your Brilliance. My group is a place for women to practice being seen in a safe environment. It is a closed group, so no worries your posts are going to show up in the newsfeeds of anyone not in the group.

I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff lined up! Will you join me?

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