How to do Tapping

It’s easy to do Tapping! Express your feelings as you tap lightly on the acupuncture points explained below, using two fingers (or more) with either hand, or both hands. This is why Tapping is called acupressure for the emotions. As long as you stimulate the points, it doesn’t matter which hand or which side you tap on. While there are many more acupuncture points, I’ll describe the ones most commonly used. If you watch different Tapping videos, you’ll see people use a variety of points. They all work! If a point is uncomfortable to reach, like the one under your arm, skip it. You CAN’T do Tapping wrong! If you follow my scripts and find yourself saying something that’s not true for you, it’s fine too. Nothing you say will hurt you.

Often Tapping begins with what’s called the Set-up. This is done to set up your energy to be most receptive to the rest of the tapping rounds. For that you tap on the center of the outside of either hand, called the karate chop point, named for the part of the hand used to do a karate chop. You can use several fingers to make sure you hit the spot. As you tap, voice a negative feeling, emotion or belief several times to keep you focused on it. Each is a variation on the one before. They usually follow a pattern that like: “Even though [negative that you feel], I still [positive statement]. For example, “Even though I feel really anxious about the bills right now, I honor all my feelings.” The point of this is to get you more in touch with emotions you need to release. Sometimes you won’t need the setup and you can just start tapping and voicing what you’re feeling. Sometimes I use a Set-up and sometimes I don’t. As I said, there’s no wrong way to do Tapping.

Here are the points in order of how I typically go through them. These are points commonly used by acupuncturists, but luckily we don’t need any needles! Instead, we use Tapping to create a light electrical charge to literally shift what’s happening in your body and nervous system.

I use eight main points and begin at the eyebrow.
• Eyebrow point: on the inside of your eyebrow
• Side of the eye point: right on the edge of the bone on the side of the eye
• Under the eye point: in the center of the top edge of the bone under the eye
• Under the nose: between the nose and upper lip
• Chin point: in the cleft of your chin.
• Collarbone point: find the U-shaped bone at the base of your neck and follow either side down at an angle to find a slight depression. That’s where you tap.
• Underarm point: about four inches down from your armpit (where a bra strap is on women)
• Top of the head point: at the center of the head

Some people begin at the top of the head. It all works. These are the points I’ve found most helpful but don’t worry if you do it a bit differently.

How Do I Know What to Say?

The fuel for effective Tapping is voicing words that connect to the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and intensity of resistance you might feel, often subconsciously, when thinking about something you want to change. Once you tune into your resistance, you can start tapping on these points and express your feelings. The more emotion you put behind your words, the better, since it’s the emotions you need to release. So I’ll encourage you to feel the words with every ounce of emotion you can muster. It’s sometimes helpful to start by exaggerating bigger emotion than you think you might feel about something to trigger emotions you might be ignoring.

As you get more comfortable doing it, substitute feelings and other words that relate more to you and your situation. It’s good to do one round with my words. If you’re clearing something that causes a lot of negative emotions, do the round several times. Most scripts have both a negative and positive round. Once you feel your emotions subside about what you tap on, move on to the positive round.

You can use Tapping to clear your biggest blocks to having more wealth, personal power and success in your life. It’s a very powerful tool that can help you make effective changes in your finances, and more. And you’ll be able to feel that change happening very clearly.

Excerpt from the book Tapping into Wealth by Margaret Lynch


  1. Laurie - the Adventurous Writer - October 10, 2014 6:07 pm

    Hi Lynn,

    One of my friends is a counselor, and she uses this technique with some of her clients. Thank you for sharing Margaret Lynch’s description of how to do it, as I think it might be very helpful for people to see how easy it is.

    In peace and passion,

    • Lynn M Smith - October 12, 2014 10:20 am

      It is really easy. One thing I appreciate about it is that you don’t have to be super precise with the points. I used to be afraid of doing it wrong but that’s practically impossible.

  2. Ginger - October 10, 2014 6:38 pm


  3. Kathie - October 10, 2014 7:02 pm

    Thanks for the explanation of what tapping is! Sounds interesting!


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