Tapping to Earn Your Worth

Hi everyone!

I have a new video for you. This one will hit home for all of you who work for yourself.

Are you charging your worth?

I think this is so important I wanted to give you a tapping routine you could use for an entire week to really INCREASE your inner self value.

When you are self-employed it’s even more important to work on this because you are setting your own prices every day!

Let me lay down a fact for you.

The fact is that as you grow in your expertise and experience and amazingness, you CAN CHARGE MORE!

But too many of us don’t!

We are women on sale, still charging the “beginner’s price” even when we are rich with experience and perspective, intuition and BRILLIANCE.

So here’s an exercise to set up your 1 week tapping routine:

Imagine standing in front of your next client and telling them you are now charging 30-40% more. How do you feel? Is there any embarrassment or anxiety? How about guilt for asking for more? Now visualize the client’s reaction…are they shocked, skeptical, annoyed with you or maybe even horrified with the “how dare you?” look.

Grab some paper and write down some notes on what is coming up for you.

When you can shift this INSIDE you clear the way to charge your worth in a way that will be accepted and VALIDATED by your clients.

Watch my video here and tap along:

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