The Cost of Not Investing in Yourself

The voice on the other end of the phone said, “I just don’t think this is the right time.”

What was she referring to? This woman requested a clarity session with me. She felt stuck in her business and didn’t know what to do about it.

As we talked, the topic of coaching came up and that’s what she was referring to. She felt that investing in the help of a coach wasn’t what she needed right now. The timing wasn’t right.

I asked her, “If not now, when?” It’s easy to put off a decision that makes you uncomfortable but there’s but there is a price to be paid for that.

I invited her to do a little math. Let’s say that by working with a coach you could create a little shift. You get just a little momentum going, nothing huge, nothing outrageous, just enough to bring in one new client per quarter into your signature program.

Here’s the equation. Do your math:

Price of signature program (add dollar amount)
X 4 quarters
Increased income in the next 12 months (calculate amount)

Close your eyes and think about that number. Would that make a difference for you?

It’s time to take it a little further. What is the cost of, “This isn’t the right time”?

Let’s go back to the math. Let’s say you brought in help back when you started your business and that assistance got you just one new client per quarter. Here’s your equation:

Number from previous equation
X number of years in business
Lost income

Close your eyes again and think about that number. What’s coming up for you?

For the women I talk to, what comes up is sadness. Sadness over lost income, lost opportunities, lost successes.

The decision to bring in a coach is a big one. Most money decisions end up being fear-based, coming from a place of, “I can’t afford it. I don’t have enough money.”

A decision to invest in yourself and the future of your business needs to come from a different place. You want your intuition to guide you but for it to do that you need to bypass that knee-jerk reaction.

This is where tapping can help. Tapping reduces emotional triggers, allowing you to make a decision more objectively.

Here’s some tapping to help you in your decision making-making process. (If you are unfamiliar with tapping check out my diagram.)


Tapping on the points:

Wow, this is really scary
I want to run
This is a huge commitment
I can’t handle it
I don’t have the money for this
Maybe when my business is more profitable
Then I’ll invest in a coach
I just can’t do it now
The idea of spending money on coaching is terrifying
Maybe I can figure things out on my own
I don’t need a coach
Yep, I think I can do it by myself
No coaching for me
I am just fine on my own
I can figure this out by myself
But when I look at those numbers I do feel sad
It would have been so great to have earned that money
This just makes me really sad


Take some deep breaths and breathe that out. What we’ve just done is given voice to that sadness, which helps to move that energy up and out.

Next we want to tap on possibilities and being open to our intuition guiding us.


Tapping on the points:

Whew! This is still scary
But what if I could shift
What if I could bring in just one new client per quarter
What if I could bring in more than that
What if I could get out of my way
Oh, the possibilities
The opportunities
I still don’t know
But I am open to my intuition working for me
I am open to the possibility that the perfect coach for me is out there
I am open to universal synchronicities
I am open to divine guidance
In fact, I am calling on that guidance right now
To let me know if coaching will benefit me
And if it does, I am calling on divine guidance to show me which one
And when it does I call on my intuition to let me know if it’s right
I trust my intuition
I trust divine guidance
Even though this is still scary I trust that if the right coach shows up I will know it


It can definitely be scary to step into a coaching relationship, but the right coach can take you to places you couldn’t have gone alone. Hopefully, this exercise can help you make an intuitive decision instead of getting trapped in a knee-jerk reaction.


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