The Gift of Your Inner Saboteur

This week I took a client through a process my coach recently took me through (I am always learning). I was apprehensive about walking a client through it for the first time. But I’m glad I did. My client said it was one of our best sessions to date.

She met her inner saboteur.

Your inner saboteur is the voice of past hurts. She speaks constantly, giving you no escape. She makes you feel you aren’t good enough; she’ll talk you into dismissing opportunities that are suited for you. She is so determined to keep you from feeling failure and disappointment she’ll keep you stuck right where you are. She drains you of your power – the energy used to create and manifest.

How can you know when your inner saboteur is at work? It can look like this:

• Constantly trying to prove your worth
• Pushing yourself, even to the point of exhaustion
• Isolating yourself
• Those voices of “I could have done it better.”
• Judging and dismissing others

I took my client through a process to connect her with her inner saboteur. It was a powerful experience for her. As she visualized herself speaking with the image of her saboteur she started to see how her saboteur had been playing the role of protector, keeping her from being hurt while also keeping her from hurting others.

As we went deeper, she started to see the gift her saboteur had given her; being able to not worry about what others think and to do what’s right for her; not being afraid.

We gave voice to her saboteur. And we tapped. A lot.

Through the process my client was able to create some peace with the past, to start seeing how some of the pieces fit together.

When you have a greater understanding of why you do what you do – or don’t do – it can help build that bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

We all have a dark side and a light side. Your light side holds the energy of your higher mission to serve and the energy of what you are being called to do.

But the energy of the dark side can serve you, too. That energy is grounding and it is also a rising energy of wanting, the desire to receive more. You need both of these energies to live your bigger vision.

For my client, she started to harness the power of both her light and dark sides. I can’t wait to see what she’s able to create now!


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