The Power of Disconnecting

Technology is a real asset, but can it be disconnecting you from your soul? Every time your phone rings or you receive an e-mail, or text, or IM, your adrenal glands give you a jolt, sending you into “fight-or-flight mode”. Repeatedly spending your days there can exhaust you and rob you of peace.

I often recommend that clients disconnect from technology as a way to manage stress. And not just putting the phone on vibrate, either. A vibrating phone still triggers your reaction, and if you are in anticipation of receiving a call or text, you are still in that heightened state of awareness.

Peace, and connecting with what’s within, happens in the silence. By just sitting in that space and breathing deeply you can reduce your blood pressure and cortisol levels. But even more important than the physical benefits, unplugging can connect you to your soul.

In that stillness your thoughts quiet. Serenity surrounds. Peace begins and answers are found. Stillness is the best place to connect with your intuition. We all have an inner voice we can turn to but that voice easily get drowned out by our technical environment.

Set aside ten minutes. Choose a place where you can be undisturbed. Move away from your computer. Turn your phone off. That’s it! It really is that easy. Anyone can find ten minutes in their day.

Now, embrace the silence. It may be awkward at first and you may get impatient but trust the process. Let go of thoughts as they come up. Return to the stillness. Try not to judge yourself if you have trouble quieting. This is a practice. Give yourself permission to be imperfect.

After some practice you’ll start looking forward to setting your technology aside, relishing that moment of peace in a busy day. You’ll find these sessions start to inspire you, to refuel you. The more you practice this the more serenity you’ll experience. Connecting with your soul is worth the effort!

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