What You Need vs What You’re “Supposed” to Do

Do you know and respect your limits? Let me give you a personal experience. Yesterday I was sitting in a day surgery center with my husband, who was there for a colonoscopy.

Last year my honey needed kidney stone surgery. I was led to the waiting room and as soon as I sat down I felt the walls closing in on me. It suddenly felt stifling. I knew I had to leave.

Yesterday, as we waited for his name to be called, I started to feel anxious. I knew that as soon as his name was called I had to make my exit.

I saw a sandwich shop on the other side of the parking lot so I headed there for something to eat. But as I sat down it seemed so cold in there and so loud, even though there were just a few people there. This was not my refuge. I quickly ate and left.

As I headed back, I saw a shady area at the very end of the surgery center building. It was some sort of service entrance. I sat down, propping myself up against the building. I kicked my shoes off, feeling the concrete under my feet.

Closing my eyes, I felt the breeze across my face, birds were chirping. Within a moment I felt peace.

I could have stayed in that waiting room like a “normal” person. But I gave myself what I needed instead of pushing myself to do more than I could handle. As a result, I was calm instead of anxious, and was
able to be more of a support to my honey when he made it to recovery.

When was the last time you ignored what you really needed and instead did what you were “supposed” to do? Tune in to what you really need and do it.

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