Why Don't I Have More Money?

Why don’t I have more money? I hear that over and over from people who are frustrated about feeling stuck in an income bracket, despite their strong desire and best efforts to have a lot more. Many work harder yet don’t reap the rewards of it. Others do inner work in an attempt to use the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth but come up empty-handed. Most feel frustrated, disappointed and down on themselves for their inability to generate a larger income.

Then the blame and excuses begin:
• “What’s wrong with me that I can’t make more money?”
• “What have I done to deserve this?”
• “I don’t know how to make more money!”
• Etc. Etc.

These negative messages and emotions reinforce what you don’t want. It’s time to change the dynamics between you and money! I wrote this book to help you overcome the main factors that block financial freedom by using powerful techniques. The power to change your money situation is in your hands, or more specifically, in your mind. It doesn’t matter what’s in your bank account or what your current income is. If you’re willing to explore how past experiences create your current view of money, and release them, you can open the door to more money than you can imagine having. I personally built my current career using the strategies in this book. You can too! Once you understand what I’ll teach you, the power to take charge of and GREATLY increase how much wealth you create and amass will be yours. I want you to be rich!

When I began my coaching business, I had great expectations of success, especially because I was armed with this powerful technique. But as the months went by I experienced fear, frustration, shame and sadness about never quite making enough. I operated in survival mode—trying to make enough to pay my bills and survive, genuinely surprised at how difficult it was to earn a good living. Many smart, hardworking, well-intentioned individuals came to me for help. They were also stressed over their money situations, struggling to make ends meet, enjoy life, and expand their business, talents and lifestyle. They wanted to work me on their confidence or public speaking and eliminate their stress and anxiety or upsetting memories from the past. I observed how well they hid their private financial hell that in many cases was the source of their constant fear, pressure, and insecurity.

Many of these people were open-minded and had done lots of personal development work but were still limited in their personal lives and businesses by money. This kept them stressed, stuck in fear and held them back from enjoying life and making more of an effort to use their unique gifts and talents. The limitations in their wealth picture rippled out into all aspects of their lives, affecting their health, family and career. It became clear that the common denominator in all my clients was struggle and limitation related to money, which meant that specific blocks to money were playing a significant role.

These blocks and limiting beliefs about money completely dictated their entire wealth picture—income, savings, the goals they set and even how much debt they had. Many of these people were some the greatest, most passionate, and talented people I’d ever met, which contributed to how much it bothered me. It just seemed wrong and unfair that such smart, positive and willing people would have so much struggle with money. It also hit me very close to home as I was experiencing similar struggles in my new business.

This frustration drove me to go deeper and figure out how to uncover and release blocks very specific to money and wealth. It pushed me to delve into my own internal blocks and into every teaching I could find about the subject. I discovered that at the core of limiting beliefs, struggles and sabotage around money are negative vows made unconsciously against money and wealth. Most originated long ago, usually in childhood, and have long since been forgotten on a conscious level. I studied the patterns and discovered how easy it is to recognize money blocks once you know where to look.

Using Tapping, combined with my research that specifically focused on money and wealth, made the clearing of money blocks a phenomenal success for me and for my clients. “Aha moments” gave people clarity to look back at their lives and finally understand why they made mistakes related to money and success. This gave them a much deeper level for clearing specific blocks and manifesting money with a true freedom of choice. From that enlightenment I created programs packed with tools to clear every block that limits and sabotages wealth. And it worked! Within a few years I rose to the top of my profession as a leading worldwide expert at EFT/Tapping for money.

Excerpt from the book Tapping into Wealth by Margaret Lynch.


  1. Laurel Regan - October 13, 2014 10:03 pm

    Sounds like an interesting book – thanks for sharing.

  2. Kandas - October 13, 2014 10:47 pm

    Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs is the key to all kinds of success, not just financial. Thank you for sharing this excerpt from your book.

  3. Renz - October 14, 2014 12:32 am

    I definitely need to read this! Will try to look it up on Amazon!


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