When My Inner Critic Gets the Best of Me

Some days I feel I am a total disappointment. I have a huge inner critic that doesn’t know how to shut the hell up.

She tells me:

I’m stupid
I’m a failure
I suck at what I do
I’m fat
I’m ugly
I’m worthless
I don’t deserve (fill in the blank)

And I believe her. I used to really do a downward spiral and some days I still do. But it’s getting better. Looking back on when I was single, I hated being home alone with myself. I would do anything to keep from coming home from work.

I’ve done a lot of inner work and done some healing over the years. Yet there are still those moments when I get overwhelmed by my inner critic and buy into what she’s saying.

One thing I have found that helps is tapping and ranting. I love tapping and I tap daily but using tapping and ranting is a great way to give voice to and release all the crap.

It’s super-simple to use, just tap on the points as you are, basically, just talking to yourself out loud. Please note I only do this process when I am home alone. I need to feel I am in a safe environment where it doesn’t matter what comes up or what I say. I cry, too, and I’d rather do that alone.

All of this stuff that is below the surface and being brought up by my inner critic has a way of being released with this process. By tapping I am voicing and letting all this out of my energy system.

Feelings and emotions are energy. By giving myself the space to allow the emotions to come up I am giving them a structure to be released.

If your inner critic is getting the best of you, try this and see if it helps you, too.

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